Sexton’s Hut

September 24, 2021

(David Sedgley, FDHG Chairmain)

I first became aware of this sandstone building when shown it on a walk around Maulden Church Meadow by Stephen Coleman. Not much is known about it except it was built into the wall when the graveyard was extended sometime between 1900 and 1924. 

It was noted on a survey of ironstone structures along the Greensand Ridge by the Greensand Country Local Partnership as in need of restoration. It was listed as ’ruinous with partial collapse of north wall and roof – cracked and displaced masonry, with extensive ivy penetration’. 

Estimated cost for this was over £16,000 and FDHG paid a small sum towards this and persuaded Tim Chamen (a local resident) to begin project management. 

After the restoration was complete a dedication was made by the Bishop of Bedford at a small ceremony in early July.

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