Dragonfly Identification Walk

August 7, 2021

Flit Vale Wildlife Trust Group

Dragonfly & Damselfly Walk at Flitton Moor on 7th August 2021

Leader:  John Curd

A very enjoyable walk spending time by the pond and surroundings – we were lucky that the sun came out for some time which produced several species giving good views!

Thanks to John for leading the walk – here is a list of finds:


Common Darter                           Sympetrum striolatum
Ruddy Darter                               Sympetrum sanguineum
Southern Hawker                          Aeshna cyanea
Brown Hawker                              Aeshna grandis
Migrant Hawker                            Aeshna mixta
Emperor                                      Anax imperator


Blue-tailed                                   Ischnura elegans
Azure                                          Coenagrion puella
Banded Demoiselle                       Calopteryx splendens
Small Red-eyed                            Erythromma viridulum

Other Invertebrates

Tiger Hoverfly                              Helophilus pendulus
Meadow Brown butterfly                Maniola jurtina
Gatekeeper butterfly                     Pyronia tithonus
Comma butterfly                          Polygonia c-album
Red Admiral butterfly                    Vanessa atalanta
Speckled Wood butterfly                Parage aegeria

We all paid close attention to John’s sightings and were very appreciative of his knowledge and enthusiasm!

Thanks to John, Julia and Merv for the photos!

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