The Duck Race, 2021

September 10, 2021

As we had not been able to have our usual Family Barn Storm event for the past two years we decided to hold just the Duck Race – which is usually the final event of the day.  So on Bank Holiday Monday, 30th August about 50 or 60 people, including many children came down to the Moor for the afternoon. 

We also had four artists showing their work, and Ampthill Climate Change group with information on the climate crisis.  The artists were Lyn Thompson, Heidi Green, Barry Breed and Jim Trollinger.  All have works in the virtual art gallery on this website, and Jim even donated some of his paintings of Flitwick Moor for us to sell to help with work on our sites.

People were very busy buying ducks and at one point I was worried we might run out.  Two buckets full of ducks were carried to the start point (halfway between the 2 bridges) and thrown into the river.  For the first time it was not me, but Rick Stokes (waring his ‘professional’ waders) who harried the slower ducks downstream over the slower part of the course where there was much pondweed.

After what seemed a long wait on the bridge many small yellow blobs came into sight – and eventually all arrived and were collected by Richard Norris.  Amazingly the first and second ducks belonged to two young girls who turned out to be twins.  Third duck was another young girl, possibly a friend of theirs. 

And we made £125 towards our work on the lovely Flitton Moor, so thanks to all who came & contributed.

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