Opening The Two Moors Trail

The Two moors heritage trail was opened in 2003 by Stephen Mitchel (Mayor of Flitwick) and Vincent Austin (chairman of Flitton & Greenfield parish council).  We held a series of events throughout a week in May.

Before Opening

Prior to opening the trail, as well as doing much research, we made improvements to the route.  This included removing some stiles, replacing others with kissing gates and installing information boards.

Opening ceremony & events

Here are some of the Two Moors Heritage Trail Opening Ceremony.

Here are some images from the eight events held during the Two Moors Heritage Trail inaugural week.

What you'll find on the trail

There is a wealth of historical and wildlife heritage along the trail, some of which is described in the leaflet.  When the trail was opened our posters for the event posed a series of questions about locations on the trail.  You’ll find them here.

Greenfield Mill - photo

Greenfield Mill

The site of the Mill is where the houses built in the 1970’s at the bottom of Mill Lane.  This is on your right as you pass from Maggots Moor to the bridleway on the Heritage Trail.  It was originally built in the 13th century, but he photo is of the Victorian mill.  In its early years it was owned by Dunstable priory, so would have had link to the monks at Ruxox.  There are records of disputes between the owners of the two mills as there was often not enough water in the river for both.  The mill was demolished around 1965 and the Mill House shortly after.

Pussy Pond

Pussy pond is named after the pussy willows which grow around it.  There is a story that sprays of pussy willow were cut from here and spread along the aisle of Flitwick Church on Good Friday.  The image here is of an information board which once was beside the pond.  The design was based on drawings by children from a local school.

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