Barry Breed

Born in Thornton Heath, near Croydon, I eventually moved to Clophill with my family in October 1988 to take up a position as Branch Manager and Associate director of McLarens Chartered Loss Adjusters, Luton Office, and have been here ever since.

I am now retired and between 2011-13 completed an HND in Fine Art at Bedford College of Art, having always had an interest in art since school days.

My work focuses mainly on Landscapes [there is a restorative quality in Nature and Landscape] and Portraiture, using oil paints as my main medium and often ‘pen and ink’ for sketching.

I also love Sculpture, particularly the Reclining Figures of Henry Moore from the 1960’s who installed his works in open terrain and combined ancient Greek classical sculpture with and human and Landscape forms.

In 2012, whilst at Bedford, where I had the facilities, I made ‘Split Oak Apple Rock’ inspired by a rock formation off the coast of New Zealand. This was accepted and installed in a natural woodland setting in North Bedford.

Over the past few years I have attended several courses given by working professional artists as a means of drawing upon different influences and seeking to improve.

August 2021

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