What We Do

Interested in finding out more about the work we do?

Maintaining the District

We have been hard at work maintaining the local footpath, clearing vegetation and keeping them open. We have built several bridges in last two years and images of our work can be seen here.

We usually work on Tuesday mornings approx. 9.00am to 1.00pm and if anyone would like to join us please get in contact via the contact us button.

Working with partners

As well as doing much needed work on Flitton Moor we look after local footpaths, including: clearing vegetation in the summer, removing fallen trees and building kit bridges.

We also work with other volunteer groups on sites around the Two Moors Heritage Trail and here are some images of the Greensand Trust volunteers clearing Ruxox Moat after we had alerted English Heritage of the poor state of this scheduled ancient monument.

More work with partners

Here are some images of work on the Moor with both the Greensand Trust and Bedford group of The Conservation Volunteers (TCV).

TMHT.FM.info board.4

Trail Info Boards

Here we are installing an information board on the Two Moors Heritage Trail back in 2003. These are shortly to be replaced by new updated boards.  We have recently been busy installing some of the new FLIT VALLEY WALK information cabinets.

Winter Conservation

Winter conservation work often includes having a fire.  Some of the trees in the Flitton Moor plantations had to be removed as we wanted to create clearings for a more diverse habitat.  Some of the wood is made into log piles for habitat, but most of the scrub and smaller branches have to be burnt.  And a fire keeps the volunteers warm on cold winter days.

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